Our Location

George & Irene Hotel is situated on a small hill right opposite to Ios Town. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a quiet stay away from the crowds. All the places of interest however, like taverns, restaurants etc., are less than 10 minutes away on foot, in Ios Town. 

If you choose to get around Ios Island on a bus, there is a bus stop about 200 meters away from our hotel. If you choose a car as your mean of transport, there is street parking available on the main road. 


350 meters and less

Gialos Beach: 2.2km away

Mylopotas Beach: 2km away

350 meters away

200 metera away

Ios Town

Ios Town, also known as Chora (of Ios), is called by travellers as “the ornament of Cyclades”. Of course, this “nickname” is justified and you will understand why, on your first day. Built panoramically on a hill, Ios Town features picturesque white-washed alleys. One of the goals of this architectural approach was to protect local residents from wind and the sun. Among these alleys, you will find countless taverns, restaurants and bars. The highlight of Ios Town is of course the summit of the hill. The church of Panagia Gremniotissa dominates there, along with three small chapels. The view from up there is just breath-taking. Therefore, we recommend you visit this spot twice; during the day before midday and during the sunset. 

Beaches Nearby

George & Irene Hotel is situated in Ios Town, therefore the main beaches of the island, Gialos and Mylopotas, are located at an equal distance.

Gialos Beach is located near the port and it is quieter than Mylopotas. It consists of sand and small pebbles, in some spots. Since the beach is protected inside of a bay, it rarely has waves. Therefore, it is suitable for children.
Mylopotas is one of the popular beaches in Cyclades. This is a long and wide strip of powdery sand, situated south of our hotel. It’s well organized with sunbeds, umbrellas, water sport centers, restaurants etc.